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Customer Testimonials

For over 20 years fitness enthusiasts, competitive athletes, strongmen, bodybuilders, power lifters, fitness competitors, and trainers around the globe have worked out with Power Grabs, and why we are rated the world's leader in the development and design of lifting grip accessories. Our product designs are sold worldwide and have been demonstrated at many shows including FIBO in Germany, Arnold Fitness Expo, Mr. Olympia, Toronto Pro Show, Mr. UK, NSGA, SGMA, and many other regional and national fitness shows scross North America.

We invent, design, and test all our proprietary Power Grab designs.

Don't be fooled by copycat or cheaply made inferior knockoff attempts from other companies claiming to be the same product. These are not the same product. They are not made like our grips, and do not use the same quality materials that we use in manufacturing all our products. Our focus has always been and continues to be on manufacturing quality products using quality materials that stand up to the rigors of everyday use.


As Ben Franklin once said "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten" 


I have been training with Power Grabs for over 10 years. Superior product to any other straps or grip like products in how they are made and function. They stand up to frequent and daily use in the gym and are a great value for the price I paid. Fast order turn around and great customer service keep me coming back to Power Grabs when I need to buy a new pair of grips.

Chris in New York - Jan 2019

I bought a pair of Power Grabs neoprene grips many years ago and found nothing enhanced my weight training like your product.

Luxami in Thailand - April 2016

You have created what I consider to be the best grips EVER. I just got a new pair but also kept the old ones. Thank you so much for creating a practical and useful grip!

Jacklyn in Atlanta, GA - Sept 2015

Just so we're clear, I swear by your product power grabs.

Jonathan in Los Angeles - Sept 2015

I have been using Power Grabs for over 12 years now.  What I am most impressed with is the durability of the product.  I train on average 4-5 times per week and find I have difficulty wearing them down whatsoever, they just keep working for me.  I would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for added gripping ability or even added wrist support.  The additional grip will get you those extra reps you are looking for. All the best.

Sean in Kitchener, ON - Sept 2014

I tried those other cheap imported wanna-be knockoff's and copycat attempts by other fitness companies selling what looked like your product design, but wasn't, and those other grips failed miserably. Just not the same quality, not the same materials and those other grips didn't last long at all. I'm a believer and convinced there is only one Power Grabs. Thanks POWER GRABS....Your grips are awesome - I'm a customer for life - see you at the next show.

Jack in Chicago - July 2014 

Was buying power grabs every year from you at the FIBO Fitness Expo in Germany and now I'm happy I can get them online direct - love your grips and wouldn't train with any others.

Helmut in Germany - May 2014

Found your power grabs on line after getting them at the Arnold Expo for many years - great design, and long enough in the hand, unlike some other brands out there that just don't do the job.

Matt in Columbus, Ohio - March 2014

Your power grabs allow me to lift significantly more weight for whatever exercise I am doing.  I find these particularly useful with reverse lat pull downs and for biceps.  The grabs also allow for superior form in deadlifts: I am able to keep the grip on both my hands facing me rather than alternating grips for each set.  more weight better form. pull-ups, rows, weighted dips.  The power grabs are unbeatable ! 

Jonathan in Los Angeles - October 2013

 I have finally worn my current power grabs out - they truly make a big difference in my workouts and I cannot wait to get my new ones !

Hilja in Norway - October 2013

Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic product. As a Biomechanics specialist and a competitive bodybuilder, they have helped me a lot in progressing my lifts and many of my clients. In 2008 I purchased a pair of your power grabs and that one pair lasted me until just earlier this year when the padding on the "grabs" had worn to the point where I needed a new pair.  They were great and lasted a long time.

Brandon in Toronto - September 2013

Before getting my Power Grabs, I would wear or carry both gloves and straps and spend time switching as I moved from pulling to pushing exercises - what a pain!!! I replaced both with Power Grabs as they provide superior grip, padding and wrist support for barbell and dumbbell presses AND no-nonsense bar locking grip for pull-downs, rows, and hanging exercises. As an added benefit, the P-Grabs are much faster to use than traditional straps. I'll never go back to carrying gloves and straps! 

Jon P. in Toronto - July 2013

Myself and some fellow lifters have been using Power Grabs for a couple of years now and are in need of some new ones and we think the Power Grabs are the best we have used and I have been lifting for 35 years.
David in PA - February 2013

After using various lifting straps over the years in my early training days, I switched to Power Grabs and what a difference they have made in the # of reps, and amount of weight I can lift.This product is the best I've seen at securing your grip and I'm real happy they can now be purchased on line. In the past friends and I have purchased them at the Arnold show in Ohio and we're real happy we can now get them online anytime. Great product design with a longer more durable palm pad than some other grip products out there.

 Gordy in Canada - January 2013

I just got the Power Grabs in the mail and my husband's friends here in Boston love them. We have friends all around the country who we stay connected with via email / facebook and they were wondering if you sell them in regular stores anywhere in the US ? Great product and thanks again for your help !

 Katelyn in Boston - January 2013

I have just purchased my second pair of Power Grabs. I bought my first pair almost 2 years ago and fell in love with them. I loaned them to my sister - in - law recently and decided to let her keep them and buy a new pair for myself. I am moving to the UK soon and am looking forward to using them to train there.

 Arlene in UK - December 2012

I have used Power Grabs lifting grips for several years to help me train more efficiently. When I was getting ready for my first competition I was often too tired to train properly and having the grip aid of Power Grabs really let me be positive and safe in all my exercises. Heavy days are best because I know Power Grabs help me really bomb those big muscles long after my grip would normally fail. 

You will train better, longer and safer with Power Grabs.

Michael in London - October 2012
Grand Master Competitor Bodybuilding



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