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Distributors worldwide are welcome to contact us about opportunities to develop business  with our Power Grab accessories. Please contact us through information provided on this page.

Our proprietory lifting grip concepts are created, engineered, and tested by company ownership and staff dedicated to a active lifestyle of exercise, fitness and health. This passion for fitness and health includes regular training and competition in a variety of individual athletics and team sports.

We have travelled to many countries meeting customers and exhibiting at shows to promote and demonstrate the gripping ability of power grab products.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and look for new product designs coming in 2018.



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Distributors Contact Information

Power Grabs (RGH Sales Inc.)

50 Ottawa Street South, Suite # 157
Kitchener, ON, Canada
N2G 3S7

Email:rghsalesinc@gmail.com                          Phone: 519-575-6500