Power Grabs Lifting Grips - Lifting Straps

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                  NO MORE GRIP FEARS

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   No Tricks - Only GRIP Treats Until October 31

                   download.jpg                               You Will Lift More Weight & Do More Reps With a Secure Grip

  • Improves Grip Function & Optomizes Gripping Power
  • Designed, Engineered & Tested for Non Slip Grip Assistance
  • Minimizes Grip Fatigue and Increases Grip Stamina
  • Replaces Straps, Gloves, Hooks, Wraps & Hand Sponges
  • Enhances Muscle Group Isolation & Improves Range of Motion
  • Increases Performance for Maximum Gains & Training Results
  • Protects Hands and Elliminates Painful Calluses
  • Great for Training with Free Weights and Machines
  • Created, Designed, and Tested by Professional Trainers & Lifters

           Original Design * Function * Performance * Quality